The Fens a Natural Manscape
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Towns and Villages

Landmarks on the horizon for miles around, the historic Fen towns draw in visitors from far and wide like magnets across the open land. Their traditional role as trading centres is still the essence of their character, as on market days, when everyone comes to town to do business or simply meet and talk. Their history spans many centuries with very difference stories and influences behind the development of each town.

Before the Fens were drained, this was a different world of misty marches and bogs, of small islands, inhabited by strange independent folk, their livelihood the fish and wildfowl of their eerie, watery place. There are legends of web footed people, of ghosts and witchcraft. The changing nature of the Fens, man’s relationship with the land and the development of the Fen towns has left a fascinating story, oozing history and heritage, just waiting to be discovered by visitors today.

Whenever you choose to visit the Fens, the ever changing landscape offers wonderful floral sights for all to enjoy. Yellow carpets of daffodils in the spring, vivid summer displays of rose fields in bloom and spectacular flower festivals demonstrate the importance of flower growing in the Fens.

Towns and Villages
Downham Market
King's Lynn
The Wash
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