The Fens a Natural Manscape
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Combined harvester in a field
Wheat and barley, potatoes, carrots and sugar beet are grown widely on the fertile soil of South Holland and Fenland. Good quality fresh fruit and vegetables are available in the markets, and from the farm shops and roadside stalls scattered throughout the area.

Market days are still a big event and many towns now have a regular Farmers’ Market so you get the chance to buy local delicacies from source. Farmers Markets not only provide local producers with an important source of income but also enable them to get feedback directly from consumers.

In Boston the regular markets are complimented on Wednesdays with outdoor auctions on Bargate Green when all manner of produce goes under the auctioneer’s hammer. Daily (Mon. to Sat.) auctions take place in The Chase, Old Market in Wisbech, with a wide range of produce and nursery stock going at bargain prices.

Food and flowers are the life blood of the Fens...

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The Fens are unique. People have fought the sea for 6000 years, and often the sea won.