The Fens a Natural Manscape
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The Fens are unique with an atmosphere and fascination all of their own.  Escape the every day hustle and bustle of modern life, with uncrowded roads, tranquil waterways and the famous wetlands that provide a haven for wildlife.  In the wide open landscape, set under vast skies, the Fens offer the chance to really relax and unwind.  For Cycling there is no other place quite like it, quiet open country roads with no steep hills to climb.  Panoramic views, stunning sunsets and crisp clear light provide a breath of fresh air. 

Whether you bring your own cycles or you decide to hire from one of the local cycle hire shops, the Fens have much to offer.  Historic market towns stand proud as landmarks on the horizon, drawing in visitors from far and wide like magnets across the open land.  Elsewhere, seen through early morning mist or silhouetted against the setting sun, church towers and windmills rise majestically from the ever changing landscape.

There is a magical feel about the Fens - something you will definitely want to discover for yourself.

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Cow dung could cure cradle cap, remove ringworm scars or make a good dressing for treating boils or abscesses.