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Fens Food and Flowers Festival

Spalding Flower Parade

What is the Fens Food and Flower Festival?

Food and flowers are the life blood of the Fens and the foundation stones of our heritage. The Fens Food and Flower Festival is a celebration of this heritage and the agricultural and horticultural industries that are at the heart of all Fen communities.

The Fens Food and Flower Festival is a year-long series of events, some large, some small; but all celebrating community spirit. Some events included in the Festival are managed by large event organisers and held on an annual basis, but there are also lots of smaller community events that play an equal part in it.

Marketing the area as a tourist destination

A large part of the Fens Food and Flower Festival Project is boosting the local economy through tourism, and marketing the area as somewhere to visit any time of the year based on the themes of food and flowers.

We produce a leaflet twice a year advertising all the events happening in the Fens within that period that fall under the themes of food, flowers, agriculture or horticulture. This leaflet currently has a circulation of over 25,000, and is distributed across the region and surrounding areas.
We also attend events across the region promoting the project with displays and by giving presentations, and have been privileged to take part in events such as the Spalding Pumpkin Festival, Spalding’s Spring Flower Festival, and the Fens LeAP showcasing day.

Working with Fenland Communities

The Fens Food and Flower Festival is also about investing in local communities and encouraging groups and individuals to develop existing or new events that involve food, flowers, agriculture or Horticulture.

We run a grant scheme that allows groups to improve existing events, or develop new ones, creating a stronger tourism offer for the region whilst active encouraging communities.

We are also organising and running workshops on all aspects of events’ management, and are producing a toolkit to help people run their events safely and successfully.

We work to promote and utilise small businesses producing local food and flowers, by encouraging them to take part in community events and advertising their involvement.

The Fens Food and Flower Festival is funded by the following organisations:

Fens Food and Flower Festival     Fens Tourism      The Fens LeAP Leader+ Programme


Boston Borough Council     South Holland District Council      DEFRA      The UK Leader+ Network      The Lincolnshire Fenlands Leader+ Programme   


  Lincolnshire County Council     The European Union

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