The Fens a Natural Manscape
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About the Fens

The Fens are an area unique  area in Britan, and they are an ideal destination for a holiday or short break.  Criss-crossed with peaceful waterways and  cycleways;  dotted with church spires and clusters of villages;  and embroidered with a colourful network of countryside paths and bridleways, this is the perfect place to recharge your batteries and take advantage of the great outdoors.  Come and enjoy walking, wildlife, cycling, boating and riding. 

Explore our villages or bustling market towns and enjoy our local produce and very fine pubs!  The Fens are certainly flat!  Our roads and waterways are straight and long and the lack of hills results in glorious sunsets and wide open views.  You won’t be stuck bumper to bumper or jostling with crowds here.  These days, space is a valuable commodity… and we have plenty of it.

About the Fens
Fens Tourism
Potted History of the Fens
Europe's largest pumpkin producer operates from Spalding - exporting pumpkins to France and Belgium, as well as supplying most of the UK supermarkets? Hence the popular Pumpkin Festival in the Town Centre.