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About the Fens

Fens Tourism

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The Fens Tourism organisation was established in 1991 to deliver a distinctive and cohesive tourism message for the Fens region. In 2005 the organisation became a limited company so that it could function more effectively in the achievement of its core objectives.

Fens Tourism Ltd. is currently funded through contributions from the main county and district partners who are classed as having part of the Fens in their area. Lincolnshire, Norfolk and Cambridge County Councils, and Boston, South Holland, Fenland and Kings Lynn/West Norfolk District Councils all have representation on the Board of the company. Other directors are appointed to represent the commercial and accommodation sectors of the tourism industry in the Fens.

Fens Tourism operates with a small but experienced team of employees, with offices above the Fenscape interpretation attraction in Springfields Festival Gardens in Spalding. The primary function of the company is to provide a centre for the marketing of “the Fens” as a tourist destination brand. Over recent years the organisation has also developed strong links with the Environment Agency and works in partnership with them to promote the waterways in the Fens. Fens tourism has also been involved in a range of projects associated with rural access, community activities, education and special visitor interpretation displays at points of interest throughout the Fens.

Each year Fens Tourism produces the Fens Visitor Guide and Fens Visitor Map both of which contain useful information for visitors about Fens towns and villages, accommodation providers, attractions and the unique Fens natural and man-made landscape and wildlife. These Guides are now available through this web site as PDF downloads.

Additionally, Fens Tourism produces a Fens Waterways Guide on behalf of the Environment Agency which is also a good general purpose visitor guide and is especially of interest to those boating or fishing in the Fens or interested in access to the waterways for walking, cycling and studying the wildlife habitat. 

Fens Tourism is continually working with its partners to ensure that the Fens maintains an effective level of political, media and PR representation in order to maximise investment into the infrastructure and develop the economic benefits which tourism can bring. By improving access, encouraging learning and education about the history and heritage of the Fens and creating new opportunities within the Fens communities, Fens Tourism hopes to expand the visitor offer and create a new awareness of the diversity of leisure options available.  

However, Fens Tourism is very mindful of the fine balance which needs to be achieved in meeting these objectives and therefore any planned programmes or developments will only be supported if they include measures which are directed towards preserving all of the Fens more natural and distinct features.

Fens Tourism would like to see the Fens become the UK’s “environmental”  blueprint – where access to the natural landscape sits comfortably alongside the agricultural industry and rural development opportunities, where waterways and wetlands are seen as both a valuable resource and an important leisure facility and where using windpower and bio-fuels as energy alternatives help preserve our natural resources and protect them for the enjoyment of future generations.

The FENS – Fostering Environmental & Natural Surroundings

About the Fens
Fens Tourism
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The war memorial in Ayscoughfee Gardens was constructed by Sir Edward Lutyens, famous for his design of the Cenotaph. Sir Lutyens visited the Gardens personally and chose the site at the end of the lake for the war memorial.